Cards, Stationery & Wrap

We are famous for our fantastic collection of cards and paper products.
We stock the very best card ranges; from classic art/printmakers cards by Canns Down Press and Art Angels to beautifully clever paper engineered pop up cards by MOMA and Special Editions; and everything that is funny, quirky, fresh, innovative, gorgeous and well designed in between.
This goes for all our paper products; we sell a great mix of stationery, books, postcards, boxed notecards, children's book and journals....we have a bit of a 'thing' for journals, luckily so do lots of our customers!

There is always a fabulous display of great wrapping paper at Sky with bags, boxes, ribbons and rolls to match.
We stock cards, stationery and paper products from a large and diverse selection of designers and publishers here in the UK and worldwide so that we can always offer you something different.
Publishers include - Quotables, Papaya, MOMA, Kiss me Kwik, Naughty Betty, Caroline Gardner, Lagom, Bob's your Uncle, Ilustris, Penny Kennedy, Brooks Smith and lots more.