Paper Products...

We are famous for our fantastic collection of cards and paper products...

We stock the very best card ranges; from classic artist/printmakers cards to beautiful cut-outs and concertinas; and everything that is funny, quirky, fresh, innovative, gorgeous and well designed in between.
This goes for all our paper products; we sell a great mix of stationery, books, postcards, boxed notecards, children's books and journals... We have a bit of a 'thing' for journals, luckily so do lots of our customers!


There is always a fabulous display of great wrapping paper at Sky with bags, boxes, ribbons and rolls to match.


We stock products from a huge and ever-changing variety of independent designers and renowned publishers, based locally, nationally and internationally. Some of our favourites are; Poet & Painter, 1973, Redback, Paper Salad, Art Angels, Printer Johnson, Tate Publishing, Chronicle Books, Roger La Borde, Kiss Me Kwik, Noi, Canns Down Press, Hutch Cassidy, Rifle Paper, Petra Boase, and Lagom.


(We sell lovely jigsaws too!)